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Are STDs Contagious? 

Despite being incredibly common amongst sexually active individuals, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are rarely discussed or addressed. STDs seem to be surrounded by some confusion and mystery, and Mosaic Health is here to shed some light on this “taboo” topic. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding STDs: 

Are STDs Contagious? 

Yes — Sexually transmitted diseases, also called sexually transmitted infections (or STIs), are transmitted through sexual contact from one person to another, through the vagina, mouth, anus, and gential skin-to-skin. Because STDs are widespread and contagious, if you are sexually active, there’s a chance you could be infected. 

How Do You Know If You Have An STD?

Because an individual can be infected with an STD with little to no symptoms, the only way to know for sure is to receive STD/STI testing. If you are sexually active, testing should be considered a part of your routine healthcare, as you may be spreading an infection or disease without knowing it.

Pregnant And Infected With An STD? Here’s What You Need To Know:

If you think you may be pregnant or have a confirmed pregnancy, you must receive STD testing as part of your prenatal care as you or your baby may be at risk for health complications. If detected in time, treatment may be available, and your doctor may suggest methods (such as a cesarean section) to prevent spreading the infection to your baby. If left unaddressed, however, STDs can cause pregnancy complications, including:

– Premature birth – Eye infection

– Pneumonia

– Blood infection – Brain damage

– Blindness

– Deafness

– Chronic liver disease

– Stillbirth

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you might be considering abortion. We recommend receiving STD testing and an ultrasound scan to rule out any health issues that may lead to abortion complications. 

Where Can I Receive Free STD Testing?

Not only is STD testing an essential part of ensuring you’re healthy and informed, but it’s also easy and free through your local pregnancy clinic! Mosaic Health offers free and confidential testing and treatment for chlamydia and gonorrhea in both men and women and STD/STI consultations, risk assessments, and doctor referrals.

In addition to offering free STD testing and treatment, we provide no-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, abortion recovery, parenting classes, material resources, and more! 

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