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Coping with Unplanned Pregnancy? There’s a Resource for That

“Am I pregnant?”

If you’re sexually active and you’ve missed a period, you may be wondering.

An unplanned pregnancy can leave you feeling emotional, scared and confused about what to do next.

The good news is, there are many resources available at little or no cost to help you have a healthy pregnancy and make decisions you can feel good about.

Mosaic Health provides free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, pregnancy counseling, education and the opportunity to earn free baby items.

We can also refer you to doctors, social service agencies, housing assistance and other local organizations who can provide valuable resources to help you and your baby thrive.

Get a Free Pregnancy Test

Even if you’ve taken a home pregnancy test, you still need a lab-quality pregnancy test to be sure.

Mosaic Health offers free, confidential pregnancy testing that can detect pregnancy in its earliest stages, with an accuracy rate of 99%.

Tests are self-administered and nurse-administered, and test results are provided during your appointment, along with a pregnancy verification form, so you’ll have a clear answer right away.

Contact Mosaic Health at any time to schedule a free pregnancy test.

Get a Free Ultrasound

If your pregnancy test result comes back positive, your next step is to get an ultrasound.

Why do you need an ultrasound? It’s estimated that 25% of pregnancies are non-viable, meaning they are likely to end in miscarriage.

  1. A limited ultrasound provides accurate information on pregnancy status, such as how far along you are and whether your pregnancy is likely to carry to term.

  2. An ultrasound can detect complications like ectopic pregnancy, which is a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical treatment.

Mosaic Health offers free limited ultrasound services, which can often take place on the same day as your pregnancy test and initial consultation.

Your ultrasound at Mosaic Health is confidential and will not show up on your insurance.

Get Tested for STDs

All pregnant women should be tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

  1. Most STIs have no symptoms in their earliest stages.

  2. Women with untreated STIs are at risk of passing the condition to their babies during childbirth.

  3. Early detection and treatment reduces the risk to mom and baby.

Both women and men can get free STD testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia at Mosaic Health, along with other sexual health services:

  1. STD/STI consultations

  2. Risk assessment

  3. Doctor referrals

Get Medically Accurate Abortion Information

If you’re considering having an abortion, it’s essential to get as much accurate information as possible.

There are three important steps to making an informed abortion decision:

  1. Confirm the viability of your pregnancy through an ultrasound

  2. Get tested for STIs/STDs, as an untreated infection increases the risk of abortion complications

  3. Consider all possible risks of abortion

Mosaic Health offers free, confidential pregnancy counseling in which we provide medically accurate abortion information.

  1. What are the stages of fetal development?

  2. How is abortion performed?

  3. What are the different types of abortion procedures?

  4. What is the difference between a medical and surgical abortion?

  5. What are the risks of abortion?

Enroll in Childbirth and Parenting Classes

Don’t think you’re ready for parenting? Mosaic Health is here to help!

Our First Steps parenting and childbirth class helps you prepare for your baby’s arrival, learn vital parenting and life skills, and earn free baby items. The class consists of four class sessions, lasting two hours each.

  1. Class 1 covers fetal development, pregnancy nutrition, pregnancy anatomy and body changes, exercises, how to time contractions and signs of labor.

  2. Class 2 focuses on labor, delivery and what to expect postpartum.

  3. In Class 3 you’ll learn more about breastfeeding, pediatrician referrals, how to calm your baby and questions to ask your baby’s doctor.

  4. Class 4 includes important parenting topics, such as baby safety, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, car seat and crib recommendations, infant CPR, along with parenting resources and support for after your baby arrives.

Get Free Material Support

Many first-time parents wonder how they will afford all of the resources needed to raise a child. This is especially true for women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

All new moms who complete Mosaic Health’s First Steps class will take home a gift basket of free baby items including diapers, clothing, toys, Mommy gifts and more.

Depending on availability, we may also provide the following:

  1. Car seats

  2. Strollers

  3. High chairs

  4. Cribs

  5. Bassinets

  6. Pack n play

  7. Exersaucers

  8. Rock n play

  9. Swings

We will also refer you to local service agencies who will provide additional material support for you and your baby.

  1. The Baby Bank (referral from community agency required), Granite City: 444-3077

  2. Community Free Store (last Tuesday of the month 2-5:30), Granite City: 709-0713

  3. Belleville Christian Center, Belleville: 235-1643

  4. Community Care Center, Granite City: 876-8770

  5. Community Hope Center, Cottage Hills: 259-0959

  6. Crisis Food Center, Alton: 462-8201

  7. Maryville Outreach Center, Maryville: 345-9693

  8. Operation Blessing (Wood River clients only), Wood River: 251-5683

  9. Pregnancy Care Center, Belleville (clothing up to 5 yrs old): 233-2273

Find a Doctor for You and Your Baby

Regular prenatal care is essential for a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. Here are some local doctors who can provide the quality OB/GYN care you need, both during and after your pregnancy:

  1. Maryville Women’s Center, Maryville: 307-0999

  2. Dr. Tina Gingrich, Maryville: 288-2970

  3. Dr. Christina Midkiff, Maryville: 288-7408

  4. Dr. James Dalla-Riva, Maryville: 288-5699

  5. Women’s Care- Southern IL: 234-2390

  6. Dr. Sekou Kelsey, Dr. Beatty, Sylvia Oberneufermann Midwife & Nurse Practioner

  7. Grace Women’s Healthcare, Belleville: 233-0017

  8. Drs. Frank & Helen Musseman

  9. West Belleville Health Center, Belleville: 394-0712

  10. Drs. Colon, Engeljohn & Walter

  11. Meridian OBGYN Associates, Glen Carbon: 288-9251

  12. Drs. Hurford, Roylchman & Shariff, Kelly Murray-Midwife

  13. Dr. Joseph Herrmann: 314-432-0056

  14. Dr. Carolyn Martin – High Risk: 314-469-2229

  15. Dr. Kent Branson: 314-991-2229

  16. Dr. Gregory Jewell: 314-872-7400

After your baby is born, regular visits to a qualified pediatrician help to ensure that your child is growing and developing appropriately. A pediatrician will be able to detect possible medical conditions or developmental delays — so that your child can get the early intervention that is so important for successful treatment.

  1. Heartland Pediatrics, Collinsville: 855-9041

  2. Drs. Lai, Sander & Stahl

  3. Belleville Pediatrics, Swansea: 222-9244

  4. Drs. Shilhavy, Santos, Keller & Nurse Practitioner- Harms

Find Housing and Financial Assistance

Not sure where you and your child will live? Mosaic Health can refer you to local agencies that can provide both temporary and long-term housing solutions.

Contact one of the following organizations if you’re in need of emergency housing:

  1. Angel’s Cove, Mt. Vernon: 800‐458‐BABY

  2. Fontebella Maternity Shelter, O’Fallon: 406-4355

  3. Our Lady’s Inn, St. Louis: 314-351-4590

  4. Phoenix Crisis Center, Granite City: 451-1008

  5. Salvation Army, Granite City: 451-7957

  6. Salvation Army, Alton: 465-7764

  7. Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, Bridgeton: 314-739-6811

  8. The Sparrow’s Nest, O’Fallon, MO: 636-336-2534

  9. Safe Families for Children: 314-452-6547

Next, here are some agencies that assist families with permanent housing:

  1. Catholic Charities Housing Resource Center: 314‐802‐5444

  2. Madison County Housing Authority, Collinsville: 345-5142 or 5144

  3. Public Aid, Granite City: 877-9200

  4. Terra Properties, Highland, Troy: 654-7033

  5. St. Clair County Housing Authority: 277-3290

Do you need help with financial matters or paying for utilities? Here are some organizations who can help:

  1. Catholic Charities, Granite City: 877-1184

  2. New Life Evangelistic Center, St. Louis: 314‐421-3020

  3. Urban League, Madison County: 877-8860

There are numerous other organizations who can help you access food, clothing and other material items to meet your child’s ongoing needs as he or she grows:

  1. WIC & Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids, Granite City: 877-3433

  2. WIC & Healthy Moms/Healthy Kids, Belleville: 233-6175, then press 5

  3. St. Clair County Public Aid Office, East St. Louis: 583-2300

  4. Madison County Public Aid Office, Granite City: 877-9200

  5. CHASI (Government Funded Babysitting): 800-847-6770, ext. 390

  6. All Kids (Health Insurance for Illinois children): Visit or call 866‐255-5437

  7. DCFS, Granite City: 876‐8985

  8. Healthy Start/Mother & Child Center, Centreville: 332-3509

  9. East Side Health District: 874-4713

  10. Grandma’s Attic, Maryville: 345-9693

  11. Goodwill, Glen Carbon: 656-0180

  12. Goodwill, Belleville: 234-3820

  13. Salvation Army Thrift Store, Granite City: 876-9150

  14. Beacon of Belleville: 222-8842

  15. Call for Help Inc., East St. Louis: 397-0968

  16. National Share Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support, Anderson Hospital ( 391-5984

  17. Ultrasound Zone, Glen Carbon (3D/4D/gender determination ultrasounds, cost varies): 288-3315

  18. Charity Home, Belleville (Crisis Management, Mentoring & Education): 300-0771

Are you looking for resources for an unplanned pregnancy? Do you need to talk to someone in a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment?

Contact Mosaic Health today. We look forward to providing the support you need to get through what may be a challenging time in your life.


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