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Don’t Want Another Abortion, Want To Know Your Options?

If you’re struggling to decide what to do in an unplanned pregnancy and wish to discover other options, we’re here to help. Below you’ll find alternatives that may be right for you. These alternatives include:

  1. Adoption

  2. Parenting

  3. Temporary assistance options such as Safe Families

Is Adoption the Right Choice for You?

Adoption can look different for different circumstances. There are several adoption plans women can choose. These are:

  1. Open Adoption: Open communication occurs between you and the adoptive family you’ve chosen before and after the adoption process. You can freely reach out, participate in meetups, text, and call. If agreed upon by both parties, you will have the opportunity to become part of the child’s life, and you can decide to be involved as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

  2. Closed Adoption: No open communication will take place between you, and the adoptive family you selected before or after the child is born. Your identity will remain completely confidential from all parties throughout the entire adoption process.

  3. Semi-Open Adoption: The communication you choose to participate in, whether written, spoken, or face-to-face, will occur through a third party, and adoption professionals will supervise visits.  You have complete control over the amount and type of communication you wish to partake in.

Is Parenting the Right Choice for You?

No matter your circumstances, almost all individuals feel the weight of parenthood and question if they are ready. If this is how you are feeling, know you’re not alone.

Many wonder if parenting means they will have to give up on dreams such as educational and career goals. However, this is simply not the case. The key is finding the right resources. With the proper support and guidance, many women become empowered with the knowledge and assistance they need to reach and exceed all their aspirations while parenting.

Here at Mosaic Health, we provide many educational classes and resources free of charge to assist you with this option.

Are Temporary Options the Right Choice for You?

Some women feel called to parent but need a little extra time to prepare. If you think this might be your circumstance, that’s okay! Some options offer temporary assistance to women that keep children in safe, loving family environments until a parent feels ready to welcome their child home. 

One such program is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization called Safe Families. Here, parents can feel at ease bringing children to receive reliable care while experiencing support during moments of difficult circumstances. 

Who Can I Speak With About All My Options?

We understand you’re the writer of your story, so we’re here to hand you the pen.

Schedule a free, confidential appointment today to discuss all your available options while we provide you with support and care, and you write your next chapter.



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