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How do I support my friend experiencing an unplanned pregnancy?

two young women who are friends

Do you want to be there for a friend who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, but are unsure about how to go about it? Right now, your friend is most likely overwhelmed with mixed emotions. She may not be receiving support from her family or other close friends and might feel lonely in the decisions she has to face right now. One of the best things you can do for her right now is have her back.

Neither of you have been through this before, so it’s important to give yourself and your friend lots of grace and compassion in the process. Here are some ways to support your friend in an unplanned pregnancy to help her through her journey.

Be There to Listen to Her

An unplanned pregnancy is a very delicate situation for a young woman or teenager to go through. Being there to simply listen and let your friend process her emotions is essential. She may feel scared, angry, sad, or confused as she comes to the full realization of her pregnancy.

Be there to listen to her sort out her feelings. Do not criticize her emotions or try  to fix the situation with your input. Simply be there for her and try to understand where she is coming from. She needs your listening ear most. If she comes to you for support, you have earned her trust already.

Remind Her She’s Not Alone

Nearly 5% of all women will experience an unplanned pregnancy each year and approximately 45% (2.8 million) of all pregnancies are unintended. Your friend may feel alone in her experience, but her experience is not the exception and her feelings and emotions concerning her unplanned pregnancy are valid and real.

A great reminder to your friend going through an unplanned pregnancy is that she is not alone in her circumstances. Remind her you are there for her, no matter what she decides to do next, and follow through on your words by showing up on the days when she needs help.

Your presence and help can give her peace and strength in a difficult time of decision-making. No matter her choice, her world is about to change forever. Your friendship will make a world of a difference.

Support Her in Learning Her Options for Her Unplanned Pregnancy

Once your friend has taken time to settle her emotions, learning about her options will bring clarity to her pregnancy decision. She has three options: abortion, adoption, or parenting. She deserves to know the process and risks involved with each option to move forward with her decision.

If your friend would like professional help navigating her pregnancy options, she can talk to our team at Mosaic Health. We offer no-cost and confidential pregnancy help, testing, and sexual health services.

We can answer her questions and provide education on every option. Schedule a no-cost appointment today.


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