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How to Emotionally Recover From Abortion

For most women, abortion isn’t a quick and easy decision. When a woman suddenly discovers she’s unexpectedly pregnant, she may feel anxious, fearful, shameful, and disappointed. If she decides abortion is the best way to handle the situation, her anxiety may grow. How will I pay for it? What will it feel like? Will it hurt? 

Afterward, she may be afraid to talk about it. If she brings up the subject, will her friends and family avoid or lecture her? Not knowing people’s responses, she may keep quiet…for a very long time. And suddenly she may feel emotionally alone in her decision. 

The Emotional Fallout From Your Abortion Decision

Although abortion is regularly discussed in the news, it usually isn’t talked about at social events with friends. Most women choose not to say anything. Some statistics say that 1 in every 4 women has experienced an abortion by the age of 45. If that’s true, there are a lot of women who aren’t talking. 

Every woman who experiences abortion needs a safe place to be heard. It’s important to talk about it with others, especially those who truly understand.

Are these some of the emotions you’re feeling?

  1. Anger and bitterness

  2. Low self-esteem

  3. Depression, suicidal thoughts

  4. Struggling in relationships

  5. Emotional numbness

  6. Self-harm with drugs, alcohol, or other addictions

  7. Unforgiveness of self and others

There is Hope and Healing After Abortion

The compassionate staff at Mosaic Health offers Hope & Healing, a program to help women find emotional healing after their abortion. Many of the women leading the class have previously had abortions and experienced healing themselves.

One of the books we use in our program is titled, Her Choice to Heal by author Sydna Massé. She shares her journey of healing from abortion through testimonies of anger, denial, and grief. In the end, she reveals how forgiveness, redemption, and letting go is truly possible.

You can choose to participate in Hope & Healing either one-on-one with a member of our team or in a support group. Either way, your story, and your healing journey remains completely confidential. 

To register for our abortion recovery program, contact Donna at (618) 355-9977. Don’t feel shame or anguish any longer. You’re not alone. We understand and we care about you. It’s time to begin your healing.


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