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Questions to Ask Abortion Providers

Women facing unplanned pregnancies and considering abortion should speak to a trusted physician about their concerns and understand the risks of this procedure. Additionally, when meeting with an abortion provider, there is a list of questions you should ask to protect your health and safety.

What Is the Name of the Doctor Performing the Abortion?

Starting with basic information is the first step. You want to feel confident the person performing or prescribing this significant medical procedure is someone who isn’t negatively known. Additionally, if an emergency does occur, it’s important to know this information in case emergency services need to contact this physician.

Are They Licensed and Insured In Your State?

Like other medical professionals, physicians are mandated to renew their licenses and stay current on new or evolving medical practices and information in the field. Additionally, many responsible physicians are insured. If your physician is practicing with an expired license, this is a red flag they are operating dangerously and unlawfully.  

Have They Been Involved in Malpractice?

If possible, it’s always good to try finding out if your physician has been reckless or behaved irresponsibly in the past. Knowing malpractice history is important and can understandably cause mistrust.

Will the Procedures and Risks Be Explained to Me?

Laws and the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics dictate that a patient has the right to informed consent. This means important information is disclosed to you, and you have the right to choose how to proceed. According to the Cleveland Clinic:  

  1. Your diagnosis

  2. The proposed treatment plan

  3. The risks and benefits of the plan

  4. Alternative options

  5. What happens if you do nothing

What To Learn More?

Want to know other questions that can help protect your health and safety? Contact us today to learn what questions to ask and to understand all your pregnancy options further.

Additionally, we can assist you in safeguarding your health by providing free pregnancy confirmation using quality pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to verify pregnancy viability and location.

We’re here to assist you in gaining the knowledge and care you deserve. All appointments and services are free. Let us assist you!



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