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What are the risks of ordering the abortion pill online?

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The risks of ordering the abortion pill online 

For many women, ordering the abortion pill online feels like the most discrete and confidential pregnancy option. However, before you make this big decision, it’s essential to evaluate the potential risks and side effects to determine if it’s the right option for you.  

Are you considering ordering the abortion pill online? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before you click “check out.”

Have I confirmed how far along I am? 

The abortion pill is only effective in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. Those who take the abortion pill after this time period in their pregnancies may face an incomplete abortion, leading to harmful infections and bleeding. 

Schedule an appointment for an ultrasound scan today! Only an ultrasound can tell you how far along you are in your pregnancy.

To make an informed decision for your pregnancy, we recommend undergoing screenings, such as ultrasound and STI testing. These screenings will help identify any medical conditions, such as ectopic pregnancies or sexually transmitted infections. Both of these can cause serious, if not fatal, consequences. 

How can I tell if the pharmaceutical site is fake?

Fake pharmaceutical sites, posing as abortion providers, are selling untested abortion drugs online. The drugs taken for medication abortion are highly regulated. Through fake sites, the drugs can come from India where there is no FDA oversight. It is very difficult to tell if the doses are correct or they were manufactured in a safe location. These drugs could lead to additional health risks, side effects, and could cause death. 

What are the risks of using the abortion pill method at home

As we’ve previously noted, the abortion pill is a serious medical procedure. It can lead to severe consequences, especially if taken without proper medical supervision. Many of the abortion pill’s most serious effects occur when women are by themselves and not capable of quickly receiving emergency medical care in case of complications.

Some of your at-home risks include:

  1. Severe abdominal cramping 

  2. Intense bleeding including blood clots, sometimes as large as a lemon

  3. Nausea

  4. Fever and chills

  5. Possibility of an incomplete abortion

Unsure if the abortion pill is your best choice? 

Mosaic Health is here to talk through your options with you. We provide you with information, resources, and access to free, confidential pregnancy and health services! Call us today at 618.451.2002.

Our services include: 

  1. Pregnancy testing

  2. Ultrasounds

  3. STI testing and treatment

  4. Options consultations

  5. Abortion recovery

  6. Parenting classes

  7. Baby items like diapers, clothing, and more! 



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