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What Are the Risks of the Abortion Pill?

Life’s twists and turns are often unpredictable, and finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant can be overwhelming. As you are learning about your pregnancy options, you may have come across the abortion pill. Taking the abortion pill is a serious medical decision. It is imperative to understand its risks in order to protect your health.

How Does the Abortion Pill Work?

Contrary to popular belief, the abortion pill is actually a two-step process, rather than a simple consumption of one pill.

The first medication (mifepristone) restricts fetal development. This happens by blocking the uterus from absorbing progesterone. The lining of the uterus thins and prevents the pregnancy from developing.

The second medication (misoprostol) is taken hours or days after the first drug. This medication causes uterine contractions, which expels the pregnancy tissue.

Risks of the Abortion Pill

According to the Mayo Clinic, women who take the abortion pill often experience the following physical side effects in addition to bleeding and cramping:

  1. Nausea

  2. Vomiting

  3. Fever

  4. Chills

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Headache

  7. Incomplete abortion (sometimes requiring follow-up surgery)

  8. Heavy and prolonged bleeding

  9. Infection

Mental Health Risks

Along with physical risks, there is also an array of mental health risks associated with abortion procedures. The Mayo Clinic states, “Having a medical abortion is a major decision with emotional and psychological consequences.” While many women choose this path, it’s worth exploring all aspects of the decision for yourself before moving forward. 

Next Steps – Verify Your Pregnancy

Prior to taking the abortion pill, ensure the accuracy of your results with a free pregnancy test. If your lab-grade pregnancy test is positive, our center provides an ultrasound at no cost to you. This will help you manage your risks by learning as much as possible about your pregnancy and the abortion pill.

Contact us today to schedule your no-cost, confidential appointment. We are here for you.



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