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What Can Guys Do with an Unplanned Pregnancy?

You may have been shocked by recent news that your partner is expecting. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone, and there are two important steps you can take to combat these feelings and help gain the momentum you need.

  1. Think and discuss your options and future goals.

  2. Gain more tools of information from a trusted source.

Contemplating All Your Options Together

Your partner cares about your support and opinion. Developing a plan that works for both of you is crucial so that you can begin feeling secure and confident in your next step.

It’s essential to be honest with her and yourself. Here are some topics to keep in mind:

  1. Did you ever foresee starting a family? If so, discuss that there may not be and usually isn’t a perfect time. Whether pregnancy was wanted or a surprise, every parent goes through a myriad of thoughts and emotions when discovering they are expecting. These feelings are completely normal. 

  2. What are your resources? Usually, there are communities and resources available to parents to help with financial challenges, education, items, and more.  

  3. Have you visualized all the possibilities of what your future can look like? While your future may not look exactly like you had planned, growing your family may bring joy in new and exciting ways. 

By contemplating more than your current circumstances and thinking further ahead, it will help you come to a conclusion that isn’t based on panic or anxiety. 

Gaining Information From Trusted Sources

You can feel overwhelmed and even unsure of what to do next. This news can make men, even during planned pregnancies, feel powerless and experience a loss of control in their situation.

However, being equipped with the correct information can help. When you’re prepared with the knowledge you need, you can make healthy, informed decisions together.

A physician or local pregnancy center is knowledgeable in this area and can assist you in better understanding what is available to you. However, if you feel forced into a decision, reassess your resources and try finding another facility that can give you all your options and the medical facts.  

Where You Can Go

If you’re local to St. Clair or Madison County area we welcome you to make a free appointment with our center. We can help provide you with answers to your questions and go over all your options. 

Let’s figure out the path forward together; you’re not alone! 



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