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What Do I Need to Know if I Am Pregnant in College?

Finding out you’re pregnant in college can be a scary experience. 

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and afraid of what lies ahead of you. This is totally understandable, and it is important that you have access to the resources you need to make an informed decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Reaching out is the first step!

What Choices Do I Have?

You may be wondering what choices you have with this pregnancy, and if you’re a college student, you’re probably thinking about continuing your education. This can seem daunting, so it’s important to go through the different options and understand what is available to you.


Parenting is one option. The idea of parenting a child while in college may seem impossible, but it is important to know that you can continue your education throughout pregnancy and after your child is born. In fact, Title IX protects both pregnant and parenting students from discrimination, and your college cannot treat you unfairly.


Adoption is another possibility. When you think about adoption, the choice may seem intimidating. It can be both a beautiful and scary decision to make. Some women find this decision easy, while others find it difficult. Adoption can be an opportunity to help build a family, but it can also be bittersweet. Whatever your emotions are, they are valid. 

There are three types of adoption: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. In an open adoption, you can choose to have contact with the child. In a closed adoption, you choose to have no contact with the child and remain anonymous. In a semi-open adoption, you communicate through a third party, typically the adoption agency. Any of these adoption plans may be suitable for you, and you have the freedom to make the decision that best fits your needs. 


The final option is abortion. Abortion is the termination of a viable pregnancy. There are two types of abortion: chemical abortion and surgical abortion. Chemical (medication) abortions require prescription drugs, while surgical abortions are performed at a doctor’s office or abortion clinic.

What Should I Do Before Considering an Abortion?

Before considering an abortion, it’s important that you ensure you have a viable pregnancy. The first thing you’ll want to do is take a medical-grade pregnancy test. At Mosaic Health, we offer confidential pregnancy testing at no cost to you.

Next, you’ll want to have an ultrasound. An ultrasound determines whether the pregnancy is viable, or if it is ectopic, which would require a separate procedure. We offer no-cost ultrasound imaging so that you can receive the facts on your pregnancy.

Do I Need an Abortion to Continue My Education?

You don’t need an abortion to continue your education. In fact, Title IX ensures that you cannot be discriminated against and are free to continue both your education and parenting journeys. 

We are here for you to provide support as you navigate these pregnancy decisions. There is support available at Mosaic Health. Know that you are not alone! Schedule a free consultation today.


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