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What Happens To Your Body After An Abortion?

An abortion is a medical procedure that has impacts and produces signs and symptoms after the event. Some of these can include:

  1. Bleeding

  2. Cramping

  3. Breast engorgement and pain

  4. Mood changes

Understanding these impacts is important before having an abortion because staying healthy is essential, and you deserve to have all the facts regarding your wellness.

What Can I Physically Experience?

Your experience with an abortion can depend on the type of abortion procedure received. However, some side effects include:

  1. Nausea

  2. Vomiting

  3. Fever

  4. Chills

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Headache

  7. Pain

Other side effects can be:

  1. Irregular bleeding

  2. Cramping

Side effects are expected results of procedures. However, it’s important to speak with a trusted provider or local pregnancy center about dangerous complications that can arise during or after abortions.

Protecting health and safety is essential. Be empowered by gaining the knowledge needed to make an informed decision. 

What Can I Mentally Experience?

Everyone processes their experiences uniquely, with some experiences having greater emotional impact over other experiences. However, the National Library of Medicine says, “some women do have significant mental health issues that are caused, triggered, aggravated, or complicated by their abortion experience.”

Additionally, the Mayo Clinic states that some emotions women can struggle with are:

  1. Guilt

  2. Loss

  3. Sadness

While there is no definite way to know how abortion may impact someone’s mental wellness, women must be prepared and discuss any concerns they have with a professional.

Mental health cannot always be seen, but it can be deeply experienced and rob individuals of joy and wholeness when not properly cared for. 

Go the extra mile and speak earnestly with a trusted professional to help safeguard all aspects of your mental health. It’s worth it.

Whom Can I Speak With?

Want to understand more and know how to protect health and wellness when considering an abortion? 

Contact us today for a free, confidential appointment. We help provide the care, information and clarity you deserve. 

Everyone’s story matters— your health matters. We’re here for you. 



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