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What Are The Early Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

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Think you’re pregnant, but aren’t sure if you’re just making it up in your head? It’s easy to dismiss the early symptoms of an unplanned pregnancy. Coming to terms that you could possibly be pregnant when scared is tough, but know whatever the results are, you are not alone.

Our team at Mosaic Health will give you the answers you need to make a pregnancy decision and receive support.

What Are the Early Symptoms of Pregnancy?

With early pregnancy, many of the symptoms that women experience are the same, and some women may only have one or two. Every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. Here are some of the most common early pregnancy symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic:

A Missed Period

Early symptoms of pregnancy can show up in various ways, but the one consistent sign that all women have is a missed period. If you experience irregular periods, you could miss this pregnancy sign. If you are a week or more past your regular period cycle date, you may be pregnant.

Tender, Swollen Breasts

If your breasts have been extra tender or swollen, pregnancy could be the reason. Your body will take time to adjust to the pregnancy hormones, which causes certain areas like your breasts to be sensitive during the transition period. Once your body adjusts to all the hormones, the tenderness should lessen.

Frequent Urination

Do you find yourself going to the bathroom more frequently than normal? When you’re pregnant, the amount of blood in your body increases. This means your kidneys are processing more fluid than normal, causing increased urination.

Nausea With Or Without Vomiting

Nausea alone is not a pleasant experience, and nausea with vomiting is even worse. Nausea with or without vomiting is common for women, as new pregnancy hormones affect the body. You may be experiencing early pregnancy if you are noticing either of these symptoms.

Get The Answers You Need

Whether you have one or all of these early symptoms, get the clarity you need with free pregnancy testing today. Our pregnancy tests at Mosaic Health are medical-grade quality and can be more accurate than certain at-home pregnancy tests. If you receive a positive test at our center, we then do a free ultrasound to verify viability.


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